Friday Five – musical artists

More music questions this week from the Friday Five!

  1. Who is your favorite musical artist/band? Why? Ever since I received an album of theirs as a Christmas present on my 15th birthday, my favorite band has been, hands down, Smashing Pumpkins. I can’t even put into words what their music has done to me, what it helped me through during my high school years, what I think when I listen to them. Some music just embodies my sense of self, and the music of the Pumpkins does just that.
  2. What one musical artist/band can you not stand? Why? There are so many groups and musical artists I can’t stand. I’ve never been a fan of the new boyband/pop singer thing that’s been going on the past few years, and I really dislike all those ‘nu-metal’ and ‘punk’ bands that are out now. I think Good Charlotte would top the ‘musical artist/band I can’t stand’ list. I just don’t think I’ve heard music more annoying than the stuff they put out.
  3. If your favorite singer wasn’t in the music business, do you think you would still like him/her as a person? This is a hard question for me to answer, and something I’ve debated with every artist I’ve liked. I think my short answer is just I don’t know, as I don’t know what the person in question is really like.
  4. Have you been to any concerts? If yes, who put on the best show? I haven’t been to as many as I’d like, and I didn’t go to my first show (Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters!) until my freshman year of college. I have to say the best shows I’ve been to were the Radiohead show I went to in August 2001, and both Zwan shows I’ve been to. Maybe Zwan would top my list, because I saw them at a smallish venue before their only album was released. I want to go to more shows, but I’m broke.
  5. What are your thoughts on downloading free music online vs. purchasing albums? Do you feel the RIAA is right in its pursuit to stop people from dowloading free music? I’ve been downloading music for as long as I can remember (well, since 1999, heh), and while I like having mp3s to listen to on occasion, I’d rather go out and buy the entire album. Mp3s are crappy quality compared to the actual albums, so if I really like an artist I’ll spend the money on an album.However, I can also see why people never buy albums and choose to download and burn all the time. I’m not happy with the music industry at all, or with how much it costs to buy a CD. The big music corporations want to charge exhorbatant amounts of money now for online music downloading services, and I have to say, if they’re charging money to download mp3s then that’s just a travesty to those who want high quality music. Mp3s are compressed to all hell, and aren’t worth buying at all. I don’t know, online music downloading services sketch me out.

    Long story short, mp3s = cheap throwaway bits of music that people shouldn’t be paying for, and albums = high quality music, even if the recording industry charges waaay too much for a round piece of whatever material cds are made out of.

I love me some music!