GBV concert in March!

I am very happy tonight because I found out through Scott that Guided By Voices are coming to town on March 13! If any of you recall, we had planned on seeing them last March, but didn’t feel like venturing out in the snow to see them. We’re hoping that this time the weather will be great for the short distance we have to go, to see a band I really like. I’m pretty excited; I’m happy to finally be seeing GBV live! The only downside is that the venue is a Ticketmaster venue, so we’ll have to buy our tickets through them (convenience charge, my ass!), but even with that the tickets are pretty cheap.

I’m so excited. Plus, the venue is 21 and over, which makes me even happier. Not that people over the age of 21 can’t be annoying, but at least I won’t feel incredibly old like I did at the Strokes show back last October.