Giving up soda

In conjunction with the entry I wrote a few weeks back on diet soda, I’ve decided to give up all carbonated beverages for a month. I actually started this last week when I posted the entry here; barring an italian soda (which doesn’t count!) I drank last Thursday or Friday, I haven’t drank one drop of soda since. Even after a week, I feel a lot better; I feel cleansed, for lack of a better word. I didn’t realize how much having that much caffiene and whatever else is in soda in my body all the time affected my work and my moods; I’ve gone to work every day this week feeling awake and refreshed instead of tired and sluggish.

I’ve also been drinking a lot more water; I bought a 24 pack of water bottles at the store last week and I’ve been bringing those into work during the day, and drinking water from our water filter at night. To change it up sometimes, I bought a few bottles of 100% cranberry juice to drink. I would just drink Crystal Light or any sort of flavored water, but most of those also have aspartame in them, and I want to avoid that as much as possible.

I’m so happy I’ve stuck with this for a week so far. I just feel so much better and I feel much more productive.