Good bye to a good restaurant

Today Nate and I found out that the oldest Japanese restaurant in Bloomington is closing on Sunday, after 17 years of operation.

(Note that this is not the same restaurant we ate at last weekend. This one is different, and we’ve been going to it longer than the new one we went to a week ago.)

Of course, we went out to eat there tonight! We got to sit in the tea room there, the first time we had been to such a room in any Japanese restaurant we’ve been to! The hostess made us take off our shoes, and we were seated at a table set low to the ground, with mats to sit on. I had teriyaki chicken with shrimp tempura (mmm), and mandarin orange ice cream for dessert. Nate swiped a few things from the table (wine lists and the like) so we could have reminders of the awesome restaurant. We may go again on Sunday, the last day it’s open, but I’m not completely sure about that yet.

Yummy food. I’m going to miss that place.