Happy thing number 7!

Happy Thing #7: Gee, what would make me happy today? Maybe the fact that I didn’t run into many problems at all flying home today. Maybe the fact that I’m with my family for the holidays and for my birthday! Either way, I’m happy to have made it home on Christmas Eve, and I’m happy that tomorrow is Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Happy thing number 7!”

  1. carol

    Happy Birthday, Aubrey!

  2. Hey, happy 27th, Aub. Hope to see you soon. :)

  3. Happy Birthday, Aubrey! Hope you have a wonderful visit to New England.

  4. ROFL that’s happy 28th…unless nate can turn back time, & if so, please make me 27 as well. i sent you a card & to your parents’ so that you would get it sometime around your birthday (i forgot the address, but i got it off carrie’s aadvantage account(s). she has like, 3!), even though it’ll probably come on the 27th…i slacked, & i’m sorry!

  5. oh yeah also i was gonna say i am SO GLAD you didn’t have any problems getting to your parents’ home, other than that flight delay. so glad you didn’t goto ORD, heard one of our planes skidded off a runway (though apparently no one was injured).

    I love you!!! Happy birthday, Aubrey (& Jesus)!!!

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