Hello… again.

Yeah. My poor blog. I seem to never want to sit down and write a post. I haven’t really been posting anywhere these days, even on Twitter or Instagram. I just haven’t been inspired to write recently, and I miss it.

It’s hard seeing what the blog and the blogging community has become. I miss the days of blog posts from the heart, nods of understanding when reading another person’s posts, and genuine connections with people and words. All I see these days are listicles, misleading article titles, and a focus on getting as many sets of eyeballs as possible on meaningless content to earn a few bucks. What happened to being genuine and real? What happened to connections?

I’ve moved away from this blog because I feel I don’t have a place in the community any longer. I don’t write for a specific niche – I’m not a fashion blogger, or a healthy living blogger, or even a crafty/knitting blogger, I’m just myself, and sometimes I knit and sometimes I travel and sometimes I say funny things. It’s what I’ve always been, even though I’m 34 and a half and still love bright colors and glitter. Where do I fit in now?

I want to share things again. I want to talk about my knitting. I want travel recaps. Sometimes I even want those little memes like the Friday Five or lists of positive things. I don’t care if they’ve become passe or if they are silly. If someone else wrote a blog including these things I’d be all over it! I’m not interested in portraying some persona on the internet depicting my Pinterest-perfect life enhanced with Instagram filters. I need to stand up, fire up WordPress, and write what I want, without caring about my text or my voice or my words. I’m all about the feeling.

I want to write in this place again, and I will do it.

13 thoughts on “Hello… again.”

  1. This (being authentically me) is still the way I blog almost 15 years later.

    1. And I think this is awesome! I’m happy to see blogs like yours out there still.

  2. Oh wow, the Friday Five! Those were the days…

    If you keep writing, I’ll definitely keep reading! :) Lifestyle blogs look so exhausting. I could never maintain one of those. I miss the same things you do–the simplicity and honesty of sharing thoughts and relating to other people.

    1. They do look so exhausting! I don’t want to spend a ton of time thinking about my blog ‘strategy’, haha. It’s just a fun thing to do in my spare time to find likeminded people. Nothing more than that!

  3. I still like reading personal websites best. I want to know what’s going on in people’s lives, even if I don’t know that person.

    1. Oh yeah, me too. I find personal blogs way more interesting than niche blogs. I just like getting to know new people!

  4. Caitirin

    Some of the blogs I love the most are just about people’s lives :)

    And Man, I loved the Friday Fives!

    1. I love reading about people’s lives so personal blogs are just up my alley! I just need to keep up with them more, now…

  5. krissy

    i dig this. i have been missing the blog scene (and all you lovely people) quite a bit. i’m still reading <3

    1. I’m glad you’re still reading, even if you aren’t blogging anymore! It’s nice to know people are still out there!

  6. Jaye

    I’ve stopped blogging, but I’m still reading! <3 Part of me wants a blog again. Part of me can't be bothered. I'm more than happy to keep up with everyone else, though!

    1. Yeah, it feels like so much work these days to keep a blog, which is why I struggle with updating. It’s hard!

  7. I know exactly what you mean. you don’t have to have a niche for me to keep reading though! the only thing I do differently these days in reading blogs is that I don’t comment much. I think b/c between instagram, twitter, email, facebook, etc. I just don’t feel like I want to keep saying “yeah me too” or “me either” over and over again. with blogs, I just like to read them and not say much. I know it’s hard as a writer to not get much feedback – I’ve been mentally preparing myself for this as I start to blog again! is there a code for “liking” blog posts? if so I would like the crap outta yours so you know I’m reading haha.

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