Hello from New Jersey!

I did something today that might not be a big deal to most people, but it’s a huge deal to me. I drove through the Bronx without getting lost! And when I did eventually get lost somewhere in Newark, New Jersey, I found my way back to the turnpike and arrived at Dara’s apartment only 20 minutes off schedule. I’m proud of myself.

We went into New York City tonight, the first time I had been in the city for nearly three years. We went to Times Square, and had fun riding the elevators of the Marriott. I saw Ground Zero for the first time, and realized that the place did have a certain somber aura around it. I didn’t take any pictures, because it just didn’t feel right doing so.

Dara rocks. We showed each other our scrapbooks when I arrived, and then I looked through her photo albums. I love other people’s photo albums, because I like looking at the pictures to connect with the events. We’re going to do some scrapbooking tomorrow, and I’m going to go watch her at her karate belt test! Pictures will follow on Monday, when I return to my house and to my camera cable.