Owl towelsCute owl towels hanging in my kitchen.

I’ve felt like a hermit this weekend.

I tend to stay inside during the month of January; it’s harder for me to want to venture out into the cold and snow to get together with people. This weekend’s been no exception.

This weekend I went out once, to knit at the Portsmouth Tea Company on Saturday morning, in which I received a free little bag of their Shooshy La La chai tea (my favorite!) for paying for a cup of tea with cash. Big fan. Big, big fan.

I spent the rest of my weekend knitting, drinking tea, eating chocolate, cooking meals, and watching episodes of How I Met Your Mother and Chuck. I chatted with a few of my friends online and I cleaned my apartment. (I cleaned my tub! Actually scrubbed it! Clearly this is an event for me.) I even made time to install the Drupal 7 alpha and install it on my local environment, though I haven’t done much with it yet.

I like to look at January as my month to regroup; my month to sit back and decide what I want to accomplish this year. I use January as a time to take a deep breath before jumping into the rest of the year, to sort of figure out where I want to go within the next twelve months. Winter’s a perfect time for this.

. . . . .

One big thing I want to do this year is to present a session at Drupalcon San Francisco. Submissions opened on January 15, and I submitted an proposal for a session; Theming search results: Making your results page suck a lot less. Voting opens in about a month, so I’m crossing my fingers that people are interested in doing cool things with their search results pages.

. . . . .

I’m looking forward to spring and summer again. I’m looking forward to driving by the ocean, walking down the beach, spending an afternoon outside at the park. I’m looking forward to spending more time outdoors, venturing to Boston, and sitting outside in the sun. I like winter in a way, and couldn’t ever live in a place with no distinct seasons, but I look forward to warmth and sunshine.

What are you looking forward to?