Hey there, 2010!

Winter drivingDriving home to Portsmouth, 1.2.10.

Happy New Year, everyone!

I enjoyed my New Years immensely this year. I drove down to western Massachusetts after work Wednesday night to spend part of the weekend with my family; my sister threw an awesome New Years party and we all had an excellent time.

I worked from home on Thursday (New Years Eve); I woke up at around 7:30, got ready, and jetted over to my sister’s house. She lives only about a mile away from my folks, in my home town, so obviously the drive didn’t take me long! I walked in and was greeted by her two cats, Ripley and Raven. Can I say I love working from home when there’s another person AND two cats in the house? Very nice.

After work I helped my sister with the food for the evening; for hot foods, we made buffalo wings, bruchetta (with my sister’s homemade pesto), spinach and artichoke dip, and a bloomin’ onion from a kit my sister received from one of her husband’s coworkers. Let me tell you, there’s nothing more comedic than trying to force a too-big onion through a contraption similar to an apple corer. But, still, the onion turned out great, the wings turned out great; my sister and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off but we sat down and enjoyed the food.

We decided to hit the movie theater after dinner. I hadn’t ever gone to the movies on New Years Eve and I had assumed the theaters would be dead. Nope. I couldn’t believe the lines! I saw It’s Complicated with my mother and sister; I surprised myself by finding the movie pretty damn funny. My mother loved it; I’ve never heard her laugh so hard during a movie. At a couple points during the movie a man behind my sister and I fell asleep and started snoring very loudly; my sister and I looked at each other and lost it. I nearly peed my pants, while my mother looked at us wondering why we were laughing so loudly. Oh yes.

We returned to my sister’s place at around 10:30 and we dug into the cold foods we had prepared earlier in the evening; cocktail shrimp, chips and dip, and other things I can’t recall right now. She also baked me a belated birthday cheesecake (raspberry chocolate, to be exact!) and it tasted AWESOME. We played a few rounds of Mariokart Wii, then changed the channel to Dick Clark at 11:30 to watch the festivities.

I haven’t watched Dick Clark in years, since before he had his stroke. I didn’t realize it had affected him so badly; apparently he was in better shape this year than he was last year, but still, it seemed strange to me to see Dick Clark in such a state.

Anyway. A few minutes before midnight my sister and father handed out hats and streamers, and they poured glasses of fake champagne. When the ball dropped we obviously made a lot of noise, and ten minutes after midnight, my parents left my sister’s place. I left a few minutes later, returned home to my parents’ place, and proceeded to stay up for another couple hours talking to a couple friends of mine online. I felt good.

. . . . .
I loved my New Years this year. Last year I spent New Years alone; I was still living in South Bend and all my local friends spent it with their families, and I was too far away to spend it with mine. I loved spending it with my family this year, doing something different. I entered 2010 feeling happy and peaceful, something I didn’t feel when I entered 2009 a year ago.

Here’s to 2010.