Hockey is fun.

In eighth grade, a new AHL team, the Springfield Falcons, moved into our area. I’m not sure why we started going, but a little way through the school year when the season began, my father, two of my friends, and I would attend games every so often. My friends and I, to understate it a bit, became a little obsessed with the team. We picked favorite players, we’d listen to the games on the radio when we didn’t go to them, hung up pictures of the team on our walls, and clipped any article even remotely related to the team from the local papers and put them in a binder. (Well, that last one was just me.) I think my dad enjoyed taking me because we got to spend time together, and we all had fun, sitting in the stands, eating cheap hockey game popcorn, yelling at the fights, cheering when they scored. They made the playoffs in 1995 and I don’t remember if we ended up going to any playoff games now, but I remember being crushed when they didn’t go all the way that year.

When we entered high school we stopped going as much, and I hadn’t gone to a hockey game for about seven years before Scott’s dad took us to see the St Louis Blues last weekend. I had only seen an NHL team play only once prior to the past weekend, when I saw the Hartford Whalers play an exhibition game before the season started, ages and ages ago. I don’t remember much about that game as my hockey experieces were dwarfed by the times I saw the Falcons play.

Anyway. I absolutely loved the Blues game, getting back into an environment that gives me comfort. It’s strange that a hockey rink filled with older guys drinking cheap beer they bought for 8 bucks yelling at the players and other people for standing up while the game was going (seriously, I hadn’t ever encountered that before!) is a happy place for me. Either way, we had a great time.

(It’s very strange to me that my last two entries are about sports. I haven’t been to a sporting event for a few years, so it’s weird that I’ve gone to two of them the past few weeks! And, of course, if the Red Sox end up winning I’ll probably write about that too.)