Holiday cookies are my favorite.

Today’s prompt is all about one of my favorite parts of the holidays: cookies! I almost never bake cookies, but holiday cookies? Yes please.

Teach us how to make your favorite holiday recipe.

The best Christmas cookies ever.

The best Christmas cookies ever.

I love making sugar cookies around the holidays. My favorite recipe came from a magazine I found about 9 years ago, but I’ve lost it since moving away from Indiana. I need to find another cookie recipe, because I need more sugar cookies in my life. I baked vegan sugar cookies one year, but they aren’t really the same. I need the butter for the awesome sugar cookie taste, and I so need the eggs for a shiny, more consistent icing.

Baking some cookies on my 21st birthday! I look 2001-tastic.

Baking some cookies on my 21st birthday! I look 2001-tastic.

When I was younger, I’d decorate sugar cookies with my family. We’d mix food coloring into the icing in the more tradition colors of red and green, but I remember one year making all sorts of crazy colors and frosting the cookies in unique ways. I totally frosted a sugar cookie yellow with purple polka dots!

Now I want cookies. Hopefully I find a recipe I like this year!

2 thoughts on “Holiday cookies are my favorite.”

  1. Rachel

    I LOVE Holiday cookies :) And I have a fantastic recipe for sugar cookies, would you like mine? It bakes wonderful soft sugar cookies :)

    1. Oh man, I’d totally love your recipe! I need to get back in the habit of baking cookies every year, for sure!

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