Holiday dislikes / Reverb 16

Just Not That Into It: Everyone has their own tipping point. What do you hate dislike about the holidays?

The one thing I really dislike about the holidays is the focus on commercialism. I like to give a couple little gifts to people, but I always feel a huge pressure to buy more and more each year. To top it off, I have a fear of not being good enough, so every holiday I feel like my gifts aren’t as good as other people’s gifts. It’s hard to deal with sometimes, but I know I bring the pressure on myself.

I want to be better at giving gifts. Shopping’s at the bottom of my list of favorite things to do, so I struggle with finding things that people would like. One thing I’d like to do next year is make more things for people or at least buy handmade more often, at least for the people I know would appreciate it! I think I’d feel better not giving a huge quantity of gifts if I focused more on the quality.

I don’t know what else I want to write in regards to this topic. Focusing on my dislikes isn’t really my thing and I’d rather focus on the things I do like.


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  1. Caitirin

    I agree. I’d much rather focus on the happy parts, the hot chocolate and caroling and spending time with people you like :)

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