Holiday food I dislike

Today’s prompt is a short one! I don’t like talking much about holiday food I dislike.

What food do you always reject on the holiday table? Why?

People might think I’m weird, but I can’t stand green bean casseroles! I never have! I’m not a huge fan of green beans to begin with, so an entire casserole sounds incredibly unappetizing. It’s just not my thing.

I also reject cold ham, but I talked about that a couple days ago. Ham needs to be warm for me to eat it!

Mashed potatoes weren’t my thing growing up. My mom would throw a potato in the oven for me, so I’d eat a delicious baked potato instead. I do enjoy mashed potatoes more as an adult, but as a kid? Nope.

I dislike a couple food items that other people commonly like. I’ve never liked pasta – the texture of noodles doesn’t agree with me. I’m also not a fan of cheese – I know, stop the presses! People always give me the side eye when I tell them of my dislike of cheese. I love beer, so that counteracts me dislike of cheese, in my mind. I also don’t like sour cream, avocados, or tomatoes, so Mexican food is pretty much a no for me.

These days, I’m much less of a picky eater as I was 6 or 7 years ago. I’m happy about that, at least, but I’ll never eat pasta willingly. Or green bean casseroles.

4 thoughts on “Holiday food I dislike”

  1. I’ve never had green bean casserole. I think that’s a mid-west thing? We can not eat Mexican food together. :)

    1. I think it’s a midwest thing too. I saw it all over the place when I lived out there! I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with a few different families when I lived in Indiana, and it was always present at dinner. And hooray, another person who doesn’t eat Mexican food! I feel so weird being a person who doesn’t like it!

  2. Never been a fan of green beans or green bean casseroles myself. I will not eat several meats: lamb, veal, duck, goose and turkey is working onto that list. Also no organ meats, yuck!

    I apparently have a very sensitive palette, so mild salsa is quite spicy to me. So I only indulge in a little mexican and usually with a generous heaping of sour cream to cool it down.

    Also never been a fan of pumpkin pie or pretty much most pies outside of apple. Oh yah and no nuts in chocolate deserts.

    Yup I’m a pain.

    1. Yeah, I’m only meh on pumpkin pie. I’m not huge into pies either besides chocolate cream! When I was still living in Indiana, my friends baked an apple pie for me to eat because I hadn’t ever eaten it before. (I even have a blog post about it!)

      I haven’t had most of those meats except for turkey. I think I ate lamb once but it wasn’t my favorite. And no way would I eat organ meats! Those don’t sound appetizing at all! I was on the no nut in desserts train for awhile, but now I don’t mind them. Unless it’s peanuts, because I hate peanuts. Funnily enough I love peanut butter.

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