Holiday stress!

I’ve been stressing majorly about the holidays the past few days. I still need to send out my cards and do most of my shopping; I’m not going to be seeing my family at all around Christmas so I’ll be mailing all of their gifts sometime before the holiday. I just hope I can get all my shopping done quickly enough to get things shipped in time. We won’t be opening gifts with Scott’s family until the weekend before New Years, so I have a bit more time to get their gifts situated. Plus I have a few secret Santa gifts to send out and birthdays to buy for as well (my best friend from high school, my brother, and my dad all have birthdays coming up, not to mention MY birthday’s in just a few weeks!), so things have been hectic. Even though I’m stressing, I feel like I have a better handle on gifts and things this year than I’ve had in the past. I’m making a lot of gifts this year and buying some too, and I’m hoping next year I can make even more of them. I love giving handmade gifts.

This weekend I’ll be getting together with my writing friends on Saturday morning at a local coffeeshop, playing games and just hanging out. I haven’t seen them in a few weeks because again, I’ve been busy on the weekends. I love getting together with them because we have great conversations about anything we deem worthy of discussion, and we have fun playing games. I’m so glad I went to that first NaNoWriMo meeting last year and met all these great people, and I’m glad to have met even more new people this year.

After the coffeeshop I’ll be going to one of my knitting groups’ Christmas parties, hanging out with even more friends of mine. I’ve known some of these people since a few months after I’ve moved here, and they’ve been good friends to me as well since then. We get together a few times a month, usually at various cafes around the area, and talk about our lives. I met up with a few of them yesterday at a local coffeeshop; surprisingly, many of us still made it even though the roads were terribly icy and slick! I needed some time to relax and unwind after my long day of work.

Tonight I’ll be buying some Christmas gifts online and watching some TV. I love relaxing.