I am back… again.

As you can see, I took another little break from my blog to finally, FINALLY make a new layout, my first in over three and a half years.



This has been, by far, the longest I’ve ever gone without making at least some sort of design change to this site. I’m so glad I broke the streak and worked to get this layout up before the end of the year!

A few things.

This layout will not work in IE. Sure, you’ll be able to read my posts and see the basic layout, but lots of little, fancy CSS tweaks that IE does not support (yes, even IE8 doesn’t support some of these!) will obviously not display as intended. If you are still using IE, please join us in 2010 and start using either Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Opera.

That is that.

I am pleased with this layout and happy to be settled back in with WordPress, and I’m even happier that I’m finally using source control to manage this site! I’m using good ol’ Subversion to maintain both my own code (mainly my theme) and WordPress core by use of svn externals. Aaron Whitman has a fantastic post about how to set this up, and it came in very useful for me when I wanted to not only manage my own code in a repository, but also update WordPress when a new version is released. This works perfectly for me.

Also, Ted set up automatic deployments for me using Hudson, which is kind of awesome. He knows more about the setup than I do, so hopefully he’ll write a post about it on his blog sometime soon. I love it, either way!

So. Here I go again with this blog thing!

4 thoughts on “I am back… again.”

  1. Love it!

  2. Krissy

    I love this :)

  3. Cindy

    Awesome! I like it a lot.

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