I love Christmas! Gifts, not so much.

If you have known me for any length of time, you’d know that I love Christmas. A lot.

I love the music, trees, stockings, red and green, baking christmas cookies, glitter, paper, everything.

Well, almost everything.

I’ve never been too big on the gift thing.

See, I don’t really need tons and tons of new things every year. Ideal gifts, to me, are handmade and/or consumable (cookies, anyone?), or they are donating money to a charity. They are from the heart and given not as an obligation, but as a gesture of gratitude.

This is what is important to me.

I’d be content with baked cookies, or something handmade, or money donated to a charity. These are what I’d like.

This is what Christmas is to me – spending time with friends, family, and other loved ones, playing games, chatting, or otherwise enjoying each other’s company. This is what I want for Christmas this year.

I don’t really feel it’s that much to ask.

6 thoughts on “I love Christmas! Gifts, not so much.”

  1. Carrie Schubert

    You know how I feel about this!!!

    1. Our talk today is what inspired this!

  2. BeerZenGirl

    I couldn’t agree with you more!

    You know last year I had the perfect Christmas. I was able to spend time with those who aret important in my life throughout the holiday season. And I did not receive one ‘thing’ – I was the happiest ever!

    My favorite gift to receive is the gift of someone’s precious time (& hopefully we’ll have a meaningful conversation). A memory I can cherish forever. I’m looking forward to another present free season.

    1. So you do a gift free Christmas? This is what I want to do!  I’d rather give gifts of things to do with other people, like going to see a show, to a museum, out to eat, etc. I’d rather spend time with those I love rather than give them things that will not really mean anything to them in a few months. My sister is on board with this; now to convince the rest of the family!

      1. BeerZenGirl

        Mostly gift free. Definitely gift-free for me (unless it’s hand made by my children – but they can’t buy me anything). We give gifts to the children – ours, our nieces & nephews. We typically buy something for my parents & in-laws. That’s it.

        Everyone else – my hubby, my sister & my husband’s siblings, my friends, my friends’ children, cousins, etc – no gifts, but I’ll try to get together with them.  And if they ask what I want I always respond with, “I’d love for you to spend some time with me. Let’s see if we can get together. What time will work for you?” 

        It was a gradual move, I started about 10 years ago when the holiday started to seem excessive to me – the amount of money I was spending, the amount of presents my children were getting. The stress of thinking of things for people. It got to be too much. And it means a lot more to me to spend time with someone – sometimes it has to be scheduled out months in advance – but I love looking forward to seeing someone.

        Now we focus gift giving on the children, or donating to those in need. My girls choose stars every year, they decide which children to buy for, what the gifts are, and we match dollar for dollar the amount they want to give to any charity. I guess I wanted to un-commericalize the holiday.Good luck w your journey. I think you’ll find you enjoy it a lot more.

  3. Linda.

    Oh, I wish I were good enough to say that, but I sure am not. I can’t tell you all the expensive stuff I would like, if the people giving had the money. I know I won’t get it, but I would like it. So, I guess I don’t expect it or anything. My family’s never been poor, but our Christmases have always been on the leaner side than most people’s (at least the people I know – obviously not speaking about less fortunate people in the world, but as a kid you compare to your peers), so I think a Christmas w/ tons of stuff would be lovely, & I guess I don’t get the “living simply” trend. But if it makes you happy, that’s what matters!

    I will be getting you a card, but that’s more of a birthday thing than a Christmas thing. I’m not creative enough for it to be handmade, so I hope you don’t mind a storebought card.

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