Iiiiit’s Monday!

I feel happy. I haven’t made a list of positive things in awhile, so I’m going to make one now.

  • I’m slowly but surely making my Christmas cards. I love the papers I picked out to use and I love my star paper punch. I’m excited to get all of them done.
  • I’ve made friends in the area after being here a year and a half. Finally!
  • I wrote a 50,000 word novel in 30 days!
  • My Christmas shopping’s almost done!
  • My folks are coming to visit on Friday and are staying through the weekend!
  • We’re also getting new windows installed on Friday. Bye bye, crappy aluminum pieces of crap and hello, bright and shiny vinyl windows!
  • My birthday’s in exactly three weeks.
  • My husband’s and my dating anniversary’s in about two weeks. We’ve been together almost four years now. Woah.
  • I’m loving the haircut I got last week. I hated it when I walked out of the salon, but I like it now.
  • I’ll be going back to western Massachusetts in about three and a half weeks. I’m very excited to go back home and see my sister, brother, and my friends at home!