In lieu of an actual entry…

I haven’t had very much to say recently. Life’s still good; I’m enjoying myself, staying active, and getting things done both at work and at home. I can’t really complain.

Oh yes. I also did this to my hair:

New hair!

I’ve been wanting to go pink again, in some way, shape or form for a long, long time, and now seemed the best time to do it. I absolutely love it.

(If you want to see what else I’ve been up to recently, check out my July pictures. I’ve been knitting, spinning, and playing with dishcloths and beer. I entertain myself, I do.)

5 thoughts on “In lieu of an actual entry…”

  1. After talking to you the other night, I had a dream about buying an entirely pink outfit. While I do like pink, that might be a little to Jem for me. :P

  2. Speaking of Jem, I *did* have pink hair once… when I went as a punk rocker for halloween. :) Don’t worry, your hair is cute (and you don’t look like a punk rocker).

  3. Glad you’re doing well! We missed you at the guild meeting this past Sunday.

  4. Laura

    It’s official. Aubrey’s gotten her groove back! It looks awesome.

  5. Playing with dishcloths and beer? haha, that just cracked me up! :D

    I’m SO glad that you’re doing well and having a good time. I’m a little bit envious of you, actually.

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