Indiana memories

I seem to only update my site over the weekend! I guess it’s better than never updating at all, so me actually opening up the ‘write post’ page in WordPress and typing up and entry not only once, but twice in the same weekend is a vast improvement.

Today’s questions come from Christina, who has lived in the same two places in Indiana as I!

1) How do you like the Bend? Do you see yourselves living there a long time or moving closer to family eventually?

Now that I’ve made friends here, I don’t mind this area. When I moved up here three years ago, I hated it! I didn’t have a job, didn’t know anybody, never went anywhere or did anything because we had no money and I had no social life. We did spend some time going out when we did happen to have extra cash, but that first year or so before I landed a full time gig, I just wanted to move back to Massachusetts!

That being said, I don’t see staying here for the rest of our lives. It’s nice now, but I never really envisioned living so far from the east coast. One day I’d like to move back to New England, but I’m not sure when we’ll do it or where we’ll end up. I miss the ocean and being so close to cities, and not getting laughed at when I call a shopping cart a ‘carriage’.

2) What are some of your favorite places in Bloomington?

I haven’t been back down to Bloomington since my friend Denise’s wedding, in July 2005! I hope some of the places we loved are still there. I loved heading to Dragon Express when I worked as a lab consultant supervisor; right after I visited the consultant in the music building and before I made the trek alll the way out to the Education building, I’d stop in for a meal of hunan chicken. Yum.

I also loved Asuka, a Japanese steakhouse that opened in… 2002, I believe. I used to like Ekamae for Japanese food before it closed, and I miss getting my alcohol at that huuuge Big Red on Walnut (or College, can’t remember which street is which now. How sad is that?)

When we’d go out, we liked going to Yogi’s and the Irish Lion, both of which I miss. I used to LOVE The Den for really cheap, really big styrofoam cups of soda to drink during my computer science classes. I also remember standing in line to buy a Radiohead album there when they still sold music! I also liked Nick’s the few times I went there, but I did NOT like Kilroy’s. Not really my kind of place.

I hope we can go back to Bloomington sometime this summer to visit our old favorite places. Neither of us have many friends down in town still, so I’m not sure what else we’d do but go out!

5 thoughts on “Indiana memories”

  1. Ekamae closed?! Boo! My best friend and I would go get our sushi fix on there, back before sushi was so popular.

    The Den is gone….it is now a really chic flat-bread (wood-oven pizza) restaurant. We just heard that La Bamba’s closed, too. No more burritos as big as your head.

    I plan on getting back to the Bend and Bloomington this summer. Maybe we can meet up?

  2. Will

    This Q&A thing is a cool concept! Clever way to ensure that you’ll have enough ideas to post about in your blog…

    Also: New England = fun times! Except for all the snow, but I do think that it’s worth it most of the time…

  3. Hope you are okay! We miss you!!

  4. Asuka, Dragon Express, The Lion and Yogis are all still around, just FYI.

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    well, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch ;)

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