Instagramtastic June

So. I’ve been bad with updating this blog. Until I come up with an actual post, here’s just a glimpse at some of the things I did in June. In Instagram form, of course. (Yes, I’m a little behind.) I may start doing little Instagram glimpses, as I do use the service a fair amount to document day to day life type things.

Knitting retreat!

1. At the beginning of June, I journeyed to the White Mountains to attend a knitting/spinning/dying retreat with a few awesome women from my knitting group. We learned how to dye our own yarn and fiber, ate delicious ice cream, talked by the fire, and, of course, knit and spun. I can’t wait for the next retreat!

Fenway park!

2. A few weeks ago, Ted and I went to Fenway Park for our company’s 100th anniversary celebration. Yes, the company rented out the WHOLE PARK for the day, and all concessions (except alcohol, which wasn’t served) were free. Ted and I left the park for an hour or two to eat lunch at an Ethiopian place and to enjoy the warm, beautiful weather. Such an excellent day!

An Event Apart Boston!

3. At the end of June, I attended An Event Apart Boston for the first time. I’ve been wanting to attend this conference for the past six years, but could never justify the cost. Worth. Every. Penny. I think the subject matter in all the excellent, excellent sessions made my brain melt a little, in a good way. I’m so, so happy to have finally seen Eric Meyer, the guy who initially got me into CSS way back in the day, speak. (And yes, that snazzy lunchbox will be adorning my cube, if I don’t end up actually using it for its intended purpose.)

Hopefully I can get back on the blog posting bandwagon. I really have no excuse as to why I’ve not been posting!

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  1. Leslie

    I totally rely on Instagram now to take & post so many of my pics.  I love your breakdown of the month. Looks like you did a ton of fun stuff for June!

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