Interview questions from Blair

Blair asked me a few questions the other day, and I really should have answered these earlier. The questions were pretty interesting and I had a great time answering.

  1. 1. What made you realize that Scott was The One? The first time Scott and I ‘met’ was through an email sent from him to me after one of the first days of our spring 2002 linear algebra class. He wished to form a study group with me and gave me his screen name, which was nearly identical to my boyfriend at the time’s best friend’s screen name (they only differed by the numbers after the screen name itself). I sent him a message that evening and we ended up bonding over our mutual love for the Smashing Pumpkins and other good music and left me thinking “man, if I weren’t single, I’d definitely be interested in this guy!” I want to say that after this very first conversation, if only subconsciously, I realized that this man was The One for me. It took a year before we started dating, but the immediate connection Scott and I had definitely made me take notice.
  2. What is your favorite of all the colors your hair has been? My favorite’s been the black/blonde combo I sported for four and a half years before I started dying it normal colors once again. I also loved my hair when I dyed it entirely pink and when I put turquoise streaks in the front. But I’ll never forget my black hair. I miss it and sometimes consider redying it because I loved it so much.
  3. Do you like cross-stitching or knitting better? In all honesty, I like them both equally, though I’ll take breaks from one to do the other. I find myself knitting more often than not, only because it’s more portable and easier to start after taking a break. I sometimes need a long break from one or the other, however, and will fill my time with another craft. Right now I’m working on cross-stitch after a good long break from it, and I’m hoping to get a few projects done before I retreat back to knitting.
  4. If you could change one decision you’ve made in your life, what would it be? Nothing. Everything I’ve done up until this point in time has led me to where I am now, and I’d never want to change a thing. I’ve always lived my life with no regrets, never thinking ‘what if’, even during my darkest moments. I love all my decisions, even the not so wise ones I’ve made in my life.
  5. What is your favorite snack food? Popcorn. Pretzels. M and M’s. Any sort of chocolate. Skittles. Cape Cod chips. Mainly, anything goes for me; I love snacking!