Knitting – an expensive hobby?

The one major thing I really, really hate about knitting is the price of yarns; I’d love to buy a good quality yarn, but the national chain shops (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, etc) have subpar quality yarns at best and local yarn shops charge an arm and a leg for the really good stuff. Sure, I can surf around online at the millions of online yarn stores to find a deal, but man, I’m lazy. I really, really want to knit Arisaig from the latest Knitty, but buying that much yarn will cost me more money than I want to spend. I did find a cheaper imitation yarn on that would make it doable, but still. I’m cheap. I’ve been sticking to cross-stitch recently because it’s much, much cheaper. I really should get back into knitting, especially since I did buy some yarn at Michael’s the other day to make a gift for someone I know. I just need to buy DPNs for the project because I’m not sure if I have the right size.

At least I am crafting. I’m nearly finished with my Strawberry Fields cross stitch and I’m looking forward to starting the Christmas ornaments kit I bought a few months ago.