Level 20!

My WoW character

My name is Strelia, and I am badass.

I’ve finally started taking screenshots in :wow:; I don’t have many besides the one shown here. Strelia’s up to level 20 now; as a druid, she gets different shapeshifting forms as she gains experience. At level 10 she recieved bear form, 16 sea lion form, and she just recieved cat form at level 20. She’s having fun exploring new territory as she levels up, grouping with Scott’s characters and having fun with her guild. She’s hoping to hit level 30 within the next few weeks, which shouldn’t be very difficult. Leveling in this game is much easier than in other games I’ve played.

Again, I’m a nerd, I know. But hey, I’ve been spending a ton of time in WoW, so I might as well talk about it!