Looking forward to the holidays

Sad is the fact that grape soda and Hershey’s Kisses make me happy.

Also, what’s up with us having severe thunderstorm watches last night, and the counties west of us and south of us having tornado watches? It’s NOVEMBER, remember?

Today I’m cleaning the apartment for my parents’ visit this weekend; they’re flying into Chicago on Friday, then renting a car and driving the hour and a half to South Bend. They found a deal on flights from Hartford to Chicago, which is why they’re flying there instead of just flying into the South Bend airport. I’m excited for my father to see the area, as he hasn’t yet been out here. My mother came to visit in April before the wedding, and we had a good time with her then. We’re planning on driving my parents past Notre Dame (which we’ll do on Friday or Sunday, as there’s a home game on Saturday!), taking my father golfing with :scott: and a friend of his, and just hanging around finding whatever we can to do. I’ll probably take my mother to some craft stores; she likes crafts as much as I do!

Holiday card progress is going well. I bought white ribbon at Michaels yesterday morning and proceeded to finish the fronts of the cards; I’m hoping that the tape I used holds together! I woke up this morning to some of them unsticking, so I put a weight on top of the stacks of cards to help the adhesive hold together. I hope it works. I’ve also been working on Christmas gifts; I really do want to make most of my gifts by hand this year.

I really am looking forward to the holidays this year. I’m looking forward to going back to Massachusetts to visit my family, then going to Illinois to visit his. I’m looking forward to putting up our tree, singing along to Christmas carols, and burning holiday candles. I love this time of year.