Lost in Translation

Am I the only one who thinks Lost in Translation wasn’t as great as everyone said it was?

I finally sat myself down and watched the movie last night. I wasn’t in a movie-watching mood, I admit, but I don’t have to be in one to know whether or not I will end up liking the movie. (Case in point: my roommate brought a movie back to our dorm during my sophomore year of college and popped it in, when I clearly wasn’t in the mood for a movie. Turns out the movie she rented was High Fidelity, which became one of my favorite movies after that first time I viewed it. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen.) I decided to give it a fair shot, and settled down and began to watch.

I honestly didn’t really understand the point of the movie. I know, it has some deeper meanings, but I felt the movie was trying too hard to be ‘innovative’ that the meaning was lost. (Heh, heh, maybe that’s why it was called ‘Lost in Translation’…) Maybe I just like movies that tell a story, instead of not really doing anything in particular. I’m the same way with books, I’ve found; I tried reading ‘Breakfast of Champions’ by Kurt Vonnegut a few years back, and I read maybe 100 pages of it before I had to stop reading it. I can’t stand postmodern literature, and I’m beginning to find that I dislike movies that are the same way. The majority of postmodern works I’ve read, and movies I’ve watched, seemed to try too hard to be ‘different’ and ‘edgy’ that I just couldn’t stomach it.

Call me weird, but I just like a direct, straightforward story. That’s just me, however, and I know a lot of people love this movie. It’s just not for me.