I love to ramble about feeling old. The key word is ‘ramble’.

Is it strange that I feel weird shopping in the Juniors’ Department in major department stores?

Case in fact: today, while killing time before my haircut, I went to Macy’s to use up a little of a gift card. However, the only area that remotely interested me was the Junior’s section. The clothes seem much more interesting, brighter, more my style and fit, but, I hesitated. I felt too old to shop in this section, with the bright blue ‘Knowledge for College’ signs hanging over the racks of lacy tank tops and skinny jeans that covered the area. I felt old and it makes me wonder if I should still be wearing the style of clothes I like! I tend to think, I’m in my later 20s, shouldn’t I start dressing ‘older’ so I’m still not mistaken for a college student? My instincts say no, I should dress however I feel I should dress; I shouldn’t dress to ‘fit in’ to a specific age group. Still, I felt weird. I feel weird going into stores like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 and Wet Seal, even though I love the clothing styles in those stores more than any other store I shop in for clothes, only because I feel so much older than everyone else in there. At least I know people won’t be looking at me and thinking “Wow, what’s that old lady doing here?” but still.

Next time I go to the mall I’ll cover my ears from the loud music they play and find myself a pair of dark jeans and funky red tops. I’m not old, really.