Meeting Cindy and Joe!

I haven’t talked about this much yet, but spending the weekend with Cindy and Joe was one of the most memorable weekends I’ve had in awhile. I had such a great time with them both.

I arrived on Friday night at around 6:30, after driving up and down her street trying to find her house. (Rand McNally is usually good, but this time, it failed miserably. Blah.) Thankfully, I spotted Joe standing out in the driveway, and he directed me to the right house. I unloaded my stuff, met Cindy’s folks, and then we all went out to TGIFriday’s for dinner. Mmm, yummy Jack Daniel’s chicken and shrimp with strawberry daiquaris. After that, we went to Joe’s apartment, where we proceeded to talk for the next few hours. Fun times.

On Saturday, Cindy had to buy a birthday card for her brother, so we headed to the mall. I bought a postcard for Denise, and then we ate lunch at McDonald’s (to collect Monopoly pieces!). Before meeting Joe at his apartment after he got off work, we stopped at AC Moore and dug through the 50% off cross-stitch kit bin, and we bought a few items.

We all went to Hershey Park that evening for Hershey Park in the Dark, which was pretty fun! We took a tour of Chocolate World and learned how Hershey’s chocolate was made (though I could have done without the song at the end of the ride!), and then we headed to the zoo to check out Creatures of the Night. We were given blue paper to put over our flashlights to shine into the animal cages, and they all looked pretty cool. We then saw a laser show at the center of the park, which was pretty neat as well. When we returned to Joe’s that evening we took out the cross-stitch and stitched away to the Matrix Reloaded. Aww yeah.

Sunday was spent watching Star Wars and cross-stitching. Yes, you heard me correctly. I’m that cool. We met Joe at his apartment after he got off work, and we all enjoyed a meal at Pizza Hut. Yummy buffalo wings! We returned to Joe’s after that, and cross-stitched and watched Back to the Future in French with Spanish subtitles. We are crazy, I know!

I woke up early on Monday and ate breakfast with Cindy before she headed off to school, and I departed the same time she did. The drive home sucked, as I got caught in torrential downpours in New Jersey, and ended up arriving home an hour later than I expected. Oh well, at least that drive was over!

I had a great time talking to Cindy about various and assorted things. She’s inspired me to become more organized about my cross-stitch, and she does so many neat things! Joe’s a big computer geek and we talked about gaming and programming, and he’s hilarious! I really felt great hanging around them, and I hope to visit them both again sometime!