Meeting Dara!

[Photo: Dara in Times Square]

Dara at Times Squre

I love Times Square at night. The cars speeding by so quickly, there’s something about it I love.

I’m back at home in Massachusetts. I had such a good time hanging out with Dara and Dave, and I hope they liked having me around for the weekend! We woke up at around 10:30 yesterday morning, and we all went to her Taekwondo senior yellow belt test, and she did great, naturally :). We went to AC Moore after that to look at scrapbooking stuff, and then we came home and did scrapbooking for a few hours before getting some Chinese food for dinner. She likes chicken with broccoli too! She had to go out for a bit, so I went on the computer for about an hour or so, and when she came back we played her Harry Potter trivia game! Then we knit for a bit, and we were so tired we went to bed at 11.

I left at around 9 this morning, and I took a different route home than the one I used to drive down there. If you care, I took the Garden State Parkway to 87/287, crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge, and then took 684 to 84, then got onto I-91 in Hartford. I had no problems with the drive, but in New Jersey there was TONS of traffic! It wasn’t scary or anything, but I definitely wasn’t used to seeing so many cars on so little road! I made it home in a little over three hours, so I figured I made good time.

I had such a fun time with her.