Meeting Denise!

So, I hung out with Denise yesterday, and had a GREAT time! As soon as I arrived we went to Hobby Lobby to buy some yarn and needles for a project that we wanted to do later on that evening. I love being dorky and looking at yarn and needles! After that, we went to Barnes and Noble to preorder our copies of the Beatles Anthology DVDs which come out on April 1st, and then I preordered Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because I hadn’t done so yet. We had fun looking at all the knitting books; there are too many that I want to buy now! Since we were hungry, we picked up some breadsticks on our way back to her place. Yum!

At her apartment, we watched tape 6 of the Beatles Anthology and Paul McCartney’s Back in the US DVD, knitted up a storm,

[Photo: Aubrey and Pocket]
were attacked by Pocket, the psycho dog,

[Photo: Denise and Aubrey]
and took some pictures of ourselves having a good time. She rocks!

After I returned, I went out to Yogi’s with :scott: and Beau, then went to bed. I had a good evening yesterday.