Meeting Krissy!

[Photo: Aubrey and Krissy]

Krissy and Aubrey finally meet!

Yay, so I met Krissy and Mike yesterday, and we had such an awesome time! I left Bloomington at around 10 to arrive at where they were staying at noon, and I found the place with no problems. We all hit it off straight away, and, of course, I started shooting my mouth off and none of us really shut up for the rest of the day, which I liked :).

First stop: the Indianapolis Hard Rock Cafe. We had fun driving around Indy for a bit trying to find the place, but we found a parking garage and walked to the restaurant with no problems.

I was surprised to see how empty the HRC actually was, and after we sat down and ordered our food, we wandered to find all the interesting things. We found the Stevie stuff right away, so naturally we all took a few pictures of Krissy with the items :).

After lunch, I took the two of them down to Bloomington, and I showed them my dorm room! I got to talk to Tim on the phone when Krissy called him, so that made me happy! We then spent way too much time in Hobby Lobby looking at yarn, but hey, we’re craft whores, so we had a good time! I felt bad for Mike though… *grin*. Then, we had dinner at Asuka, and then we headed back up to Frankfort, where we knit and talked for a bit. Eventually we went to bed, and then I woke up at 5 this morning to begin the drive to Massachusetts.

Krissy and Mike both rock. Krissy and I talked a lot of girl talk, much to Mike’s dismay :). I wish I could have stayed longer with them, but I’ll definitely be meeting them again sometime!