Mini Egg goodness

Remember when I really wanted Mini Eggs the day after Valentine’s Day? Well, Scott and I went to the local drugstore after dinner today and found a nice, big bag of them for me. Yes, I’m eating them right now. Mini Egg season has officially begun!

(Yeah, I’m sad. What of it?)

4 thoughts on “Mini Egg goodness”

  1. Yum! :)

  2. krissy

    mmmm! I’m not a huge mini egg fanatic but I do enjoy them… maybe I should go look for them around here :)

  3. mm, they sound good.. chocolate anything is good to me right now =)

  4. That’s not sad at all! I saw them at the grocery store last night and thought of you :) They had the big bags and the little bags. My weakness is the Cadbury Cream Eggs. Good lord I could eat 32975 of those everyday. But I’m not eating sugar right now and it sucks! Enjoy your eggs! =D

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