Mitten-ey goodness.

Look what I’ve been making!

Snapdragon flip top progress

I’m knitting a pair of Snapdragon flip-top mitts by Ysolda Teague to replace the ones I knit a few years ago. Yeah, I didn’t knit them that long ago, but tragedy struck last March when I moved, and I LOST one of the mitts I knit. I spent an entire year looking for the lost mitt, but I must have dropped it somewhere that isn’t in the apartment. Cue sadness.

Snapdragon flip top cable close up

This time around, I’m knitting them in a lighter, pinker, funner yarn. I’m still using madelinetosh tosh dk, but in a punchy bright pink that makes winter almost tolerable! I’m in love with them, I think. (Don’t worry, I won’t tell Ted.)

So far, I’ve made just one minor modification to the pattern; I’m using size 4 needles instead of the size 6 the pattern calls for. I knit my originals with my trusty size 6 needles, but always felt they were a little loose, especially around my wrist. The size 4s make them fit so much better.

Another noteworthy item pertaining to these mitts; I’m FLYING through them. I’m most likely the slowest knitter on the planet and I still made this much progress on the mittens in just one day. Yeah, I can’t believe it either. I really, really want to get these done so I can focus on other knitting, especially that Arisaig cardigan I’m wanting to FINALLY finish. I’m confident I can do it.

9 thoughts on “Mitten-ey goodness.”

  1. BettinaSENHS

    We have been making the Silver Belle (look for it on Raverly) at the knitting group.  Me, Verne and Betty Ann.  I am the slowest knitter so I am behind everyone else.  It’s fun and mine is in a beautiful periwinkle color.  I love your mitts and the yarn you picked.  I still want those needles you have  . . maybe some day.  Have fun, love your blog!  Bettina

    1. I need to come to knitting so I can see these in action! I remember you guys talking about starting this project the last time I came. Can’t wait to see them, and all of you!

  2. So pretty! Now I want to make some mittens!

    1. You should! You’ve been doing a lot of knitting recently, hopefully I’ll see you do even more :)

  3. Caitirin

    Those are looking awesome! I’m currently zooming through some of the Yarn Harlot’s Cloisionee mittens. They’re a b-day present for a friend of mine.

    1. Nice! It always feels good when a project zips along, doesn’t it?

  4. Liz Collins


  5. Love, love this project.  Wish I knew how to knit.  Just a crocheter….I’ll have to find a pattern and get busy for the next season.  Thanks for sharing with us :)

  6. Angelia

    I am making the EXACT same mittens. I’m a bit confused about what to do in the beginning of round 17, though… Where do the five stitches go?! On the needle you just knit them off? PLEASE HELP ME!

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