MT must die!

While surfing the web at work today, I came across an article on Kuro5hin titled “Why your Movable Type blog must die“, and within the first few paragraphs of the piece I was practically rolling on the floor laughing. The author pokes fun at the stereotypical weblogger, and the attitudes, thoughts, and even the lingo that they all use on a daily basis. Check out this snippet:

The word ‘weblog’ is acceptable. ‘Blog’ is just about tolerable. The following are simply galling:

* Blogosphere
* Travelblog
* Blogroll
* Moblog
* Blogstream

The puns just make them worse.

The author goes on to speak about the evils of Trackback and how the ‘blogosphere’ is bringing Google to its knees because of it. Personally, I don’t think it’s the fault of weblogs about how Google handles links, but hell, it still amused me. Methinks Google needs to better detect which sites are personal and which sites actually have the ‘important’ information (depending on your definition of ‘important’, whatever that may be).

Go check out the rest of the article. I think I’m one of the few people who read it and laughed, as I’ve read a few other bloggers’ responses to the piece. I personally thought it was brilliant.