Music survey

[x] What bands/artists have you been playing a lot this month? ZWAN! I’ve also been listening to Taking Back Sunday’s album “Tell All Your Friends”, and “Dandys Rule OK?” by the Dandy Warhols. Good stuff.

[x] What was the last CD(s) you bought? Zwan, “Mary Star of the Sea” *grin*

[x] Do you like mix tapes/CDs? I love both formats, though I have more of an attachment to mix tapes. I keep them all in my car and I play them in my moody tape player to bring back memories. “Rape Me”, then “Crimson and Clover”. One of my favorite mix tape moments.

[x] What genres of music do you most enjoy? Mainly anything, except for rap and country. I try not to limit myself to just a few genres.

[x] What song/album/artist do you play in the bath? I haven’t taken a bath in 12 years (seriously!) so I wouldn’t know what to play!

[x] Name a band/song that is special to you, and explain why. “Star Shaped” by Blur, because that’s how I named my domain! “Magic Pie” by Oasis. I’ll have my way, in my own time. I’ll have my say, my star will shine. “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode, because I heard it the first time I met Nate, in Bob’s car. “Stand Inside Your Love” by Smashing Pumpkins, because it was Nate’s and my song. “Resigned” by Blur, because it describes me all too well. “Of A Broken Heart” by Zwan, because I remember nearly crying when I heard it live at the Zwan show.

[x] Have you ever been certain a song was written just for you? Umm, no?

[x] What song never fails to make you cry? “Not the One” by Collective Soul. “She Wants to Be” by REM. I’ve also cried to so many other songs, depending on my mood at the time. Hell, I’ve cried to “Devil’s Dance Floor” by Flogging Molly, and that’s one of the least sad songs I know!

[x] If you could go on stage with anyone and duet with them; who would it be, what song would you sing, and why? No one, because I’d rather be in my own band singing my own things!

[x] Does your style match your music taste? ‘Musical styles’ piss me off. I’ve been pretty much wearing the same clothing since 1997, and my music tastes have pretty much remained the same, so I don’t know. People always tell me that I have style, but it’s not parallel with any musical style, which makes me happy!

[x] What band/song could you never get bored of? I’ve never gotten bored of Green Day, and I’ve loved them for about 8 years now!

[x] What song would you like to have dirty rough sex to? I’m going to be boring and say “Closer” by NIN. I can’t think of anything else, because in all honesty, it won’t matter what’s playing in the background ;).

[x] What song would you like to make love to someone to? I’ve really never thought of it, in all honesty… again, anything would do :).

[x] What band/artist/song makes your ears bleed? Anything I listen to, turned up very loud *grin*.

[x] List five bands/artists plus a song of theirs that you love (in no particular order):

1. The Animals – House of the Rising Sun
2. Motion City Soundtrack – The Future Freaks Me Out (yeah, I’ve been listening to it all the time too these days, who knows why)
3. The Strokes – Hard to Explain (it’s been in my head since last night)
4. REM – Fall On Me
5. Zwan – Ride A Black Swan

[x] If you had a band – what would you call them and what would be your role? I would be the washboard player in Papa David’s Good Time Band, or the lead rapper in Biggie Mac ‘n da Nuggetz. HAHAHA.

(taken from Josephine’s livejournal)