My life as a (former) musician

As I walked to work today, I heard the sound of a concert band playing. To my surprise, they were playing right outside my building, surrounded by dozens and dozens of people watching and listening intently. It made me wish that I hadn’t been coming onto my shift at the music library, so I could stand around for a few minutes to listen.

I miss playing in a band of that sort. I took up the flute back in 4th grade, in 1991, and I played it for years and years. I played with my high school’s band, for a local concert band near my hometown, in regional district bands, and even with my state’s Lion’s Club All-state Band my senior year of high school. I spent a lot of time practicing scales, learning new pieces for auditions, and playing in the concerts themselves. I can say that there’s nothing I loved more than to be part of a band like that, to create music and live it the way one does in a concert band.

Unfortunately, my band days ended when I went to college. Mount Holyoke did not have a concert band, so I shelved my flute for two years, wishing I could get the band atmosphere back into my life. I tried playing in the concert band for non-music majors here at IU, but it just didn’t feel the same. I haven’t played since then, the fall of 2001, and I was reminded today just how much I miss it. Maybe I’ll pull it out again sometime soon, and just play for fun. I’ll never be part of a band again, but I can still play solo.