My parents’ weekend in South Bend

I’m happy. Our heat’s once again working; we woke up to 30 degree temperatures, gusty winds, and a promise of snow showers this afternoon. Snow showers! It is mid-November, but I’m always surprised when the first snow of the season is forecast.

Anyway. My parents came to South Bend this past weekend to see our apartment; my mother visited in April but my father had yet to see the area. They had an excellent time and I’m still so happy they came to visit.


I sat around my apartment all morning on Friday waiting for their plane to land in Chicago. They managed to score an awesome deal; $48 one-way from Hartford to Chicago. it ended up costing them less then $200 total for both their tickets, which made me happy! They arrived in Chicago around 10ish and proceeded to start the hour and a half drive to this area. Unfortunately, their printer at home decided to stop working so they asked someone at the airport for directions that weren’t exactly working for them. They called me, and, through the magic that is Google Maps, I navigated them to the nearest intersection. An hour later, they arrived at my place, tired and happy to be out of Chicago traffic.

We went to lunch at Applebees; I found out that they have their steak and shrimp combo meals back for a limited time! I love their coconut shrimp and teriyaki chicken so I had an excellent meal. Afterward, we stopped at Target to pick up a few necessities and then headed to Michigan… just because. My folks love going into different states for the hell of it just like I do!

We returned home and my mother and I proceeded to do our respective crafts. My mom loves to crochet and had started making a ripple afghan. My father went on my computer to check his email, and we all did our thing until Scott came home from work at 5. We watched some television for a bit and discussed dinner plans; we ended up going to Mandarin House, a Chinese place not too far away from our apartment.

That Chinese place rocked. Yum. Lots of food, tasty meals, decent prices; I can see Scott and I going there again sometime in the future. We sat at a cozy table surrounded by food, and we took a lot of it home to eat later on.

We spent the evening talking, crafting, and watching more TV before going to bed. I had my mom try some Tabor Hill wine, which ended up being too sweet for her. We partook in a lot of wine that weekend.


Scott and my dad woke up early to go golfing; my father loves to golf so we figured they’d have a good time. Scott hadn’t golfed in awhile, but from what I heard, he did a good job. He’d do better than I’d do, that’s for sure!

My mom and I decided to hit a few craft stores; Michaels and Hobby Lobby, to be precise. We had fun in Michaels, but my mom loved Hobby Lobby; we don’t have them in Massachusetts and she really liked the setup of the store in Mishawaka. I came home with yarn for my sister’s Christmas present and a little skein of yarn to start crocheting on my own. Yes, I’m crocheting as well as knitting, and loving it.

After we shopped we stopped at Wings Etc for lunch; my mom and I love wings! We hopped over to the grocery after lunch to pick up a roast for dinner that night and ingredients for lasagna for Sunday night. When we arrived home I started my sister’s gift, and we waited for the boys to return home.

When they arrived, we spent time watching TV before starting dinner. We had an excellent meal of roast, potatoes, and steamed broccoli; I love my mother’s roast.

After dinner we decided to watch Revenge of the Sith while my mother taught me how to crochet. We laughed at my dad falling asleep at the end of the movie and filling my mother in on the Star Wars plot.


We made reservations for Sunday brunch at this restaurant called Tippecanoe Place; it’s apparently the former home of the founders of Studebaker, which apparently was headquartered in South Bend. The waffle and omelette stations were in one huge room on the first floor, while the buffet and carved meats were in another. Chairs and tables filled nearly every room on four floors in the house; we were seated on the second floor and loved looking at the old pictures, books, and decor of the room we were in. It’s a really neat place, and the food was delicious! I ate lots of roast beef and shrimp, something my parents made fun of me for during the rest of the day. Hey, I like my steak and shrimp!

After the brunch we decided to head on over to the Studebaker museum. We looked at some old cars and then went on a house tour of two different homes; a typical middle class family home in the 1930s, and a huge mansion owned by another prominant family in South Bend at the same time. Both tours were pretty interesting; we had a great time seeing more of the city!

We returned home and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out until dinner; everyone ate the lasagna but myself, as I don’t like pasta! We cleaned up, ate dessert, and watched an SNL special on NBC before going to bed.


We woke up bright an early on Monday morning; Scott had to go to work and my parents needed to pack! My mother and I spent a few hours crocheting before they left our apartment at 10. Their flight took off at around 2:30 and they returned home a little after 5, right after Scott got home from work.

I’m so happy my parents had a good time out here. I can’t wait to see them again in a little over a month!