My running story

Growing up, I wasn’t very athletic. I dreaded PE – I was always one of the last picked for teams – and I didn’t really play much outside as I grew into my teens. I did, however, like to run.

Every fall, every student in my middle school took a cross country unit, culminating in October with a school-wide mile run. In sixth grade, I surprised all my classmates by finishing in third place out of all the girls in my grade! My time: 6:44. (Totally can’t run that now.)

Nerdy me.

Running fell by the wayside as I got older. I focused more on drawing, writing, and teaching myself HTML than on anything athletic. I went to college, taking only the mandatory PE classes I needed to take. (Badminton? Fun.) I graduated, entered the real world, and started working office job after office job. Lots of sitting, not so much running.

In 2012 I decided to make a change. I signed up for a 5k training group to get my butt in gear. I wasn’t disciplined enough to adhere to a regular running schedule at this time, however, so after I ran my first 5k, I didn’t run again until later that fall.

Before my first race!

I started running again in October 2012, following the Couch to 5k program. This time, running stuck with me, and I haven’t really stopped since.

Hot Chocolate Run 2012

I ran my first 5k without stopping in May 2013 and ran a 10k without stopping just a month later. I’m still amazed at how far I’ve come in just a year. You can read all about my races here.

Saunders 10k, 2013

I aspired to run a half marathon this coming November, but unfortunately, my ankle had other plans. After a seemingly harmless training run in the middle of September, I hurt my ankle, not running for about three weeks. Yeah, that sucked, and initially, I was crushed.

I’m just now getting back into running again, slowly but surely, and I’m hoping to run a different half marathon in the spring. I’m disappointed, but happy I didn’t do lasting damage to my body. I can, and will, build back to where I was before I got hurt.