NaNoWriMo has begun!

See the pretty little counter I’ve implemented in the sidebar? It’s a nifty little WordPress plugin called ProgressFly, and it will suit my needs way past December 1 when Nanowrimo ends. Knitting progress counter, much?

I’ve written a little over 2000 words in my novel today. I wrote a tiny bit before work started this morning, and did the rest in about an hour and a half when I got home. I would have written more, but I zipped on over to a coffeeshop tonight to knit with a few women in my knitting guild. I plan on spending much more time writing tomorrow, well, at least before The Office at 8:30 and World of Warcraft at 9! I love keeping busy.

Speaking of my knitting, I finally, finally finished the edging on one side of my Mystery Stole. I picked up the stitches on the other side, and now I’m busy completing the second half. I have no idea when I’ll get this finished, as I now want to knit another pair of socks and would really like to knit a few small things for the holidays. The stole’s the only project I have in the hopper right now, so I can afford to start a few more projects. Right? Right?

Anyway, I hope I can finish Nanowrimo this year! I’ve only completed the 50,000 word challenge just once, back in 2003, and I want to make 2006 the second year I do it. I just need to focus, allot some time, and not obsess over my novel. I can do it!