New traditions

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m already up to day 4 of my December writing prompts. There aren’t any questions to answer for Saturday or Sunday, so I’ll be back with the next prompt on Monday! I might try to write a post or two over the weekend, however, as I do have other things to say. We shall see! Today’s post is about starting new traditions. Onward!

How difficult is it to start a new tradition?

I’ve had such a difficult time starting new traditions. My life has gone through so many changes over the past 10 years, and I haven’t really stayed in the same place long enough to establish anything new.

Most of my Christmases as an adult have been so different from each other – I’ve spent Christmases with my former in-laws in Illinois, I’ve spent it driving from Indiana to Massachusetts to surprise my family for the holidays, and I’ve spent it on a plane flying from Massachusetts to southern California to visit my current mother-in-law. I’ve celebrated Christmas on a day other than the 25th, and I’ve spent Christmas Day touring a power plant. (It was fun, actually.) I’ve spent Christmases surrounded by my family, and I’ve spent Christmases only with my significant other. I’ve done such a wide variety of things that I just haven’t been able to sit down and create my own traditions.

Maybe my own unique tradition is not doing the same thing twice. That’s a start, at least.