New video card… finally!

After complaining about it for close to a year, I finally went out and bought a new video card – a Radeon 9600SE! I got out of work early today, and after eating lunch at Yogi’s with Scott, we went over to Circuit City and I picked it out. He went back to work and I went to my apartment, where I promptly opened up my box, took out my old card, and put in the new. A few reboots later, and all is well with the new card. I booted up SWG soon after I installed it, and though it runs a bit slow on my computer, the graphics look great. I’ll be saving my old card for when I decide to build another system, which won’t be happening for a little bit at the rate I’m going when updating my current machine!

I also decided to pick up a firewire card so that I could finally use my Ipod on my machine. Before today, my machine only had USB 1.1 ports, and Apple recommends you use either USB 2 or Firewire ports to transfer songs from computer to Ipod (1.1 is too slow). I’m downloading the newest version of ITunes right now, and I’ll be giving the card a spin as soon as that is complete. So much computer goodness today; I am happy!