Nine (with pictures!)

Today, this domain turns nine years old. I will refrain from posting a screenshot of the very first layout I made for this domain Wait, no I won’t. Here are a few screenshots from the past nine years (please don’t laugh too much):

Red, Black, and Cheesy

Star Shaped circa October 2000
Okay. This is one of the first layouts I ever made for this domain, way back in October 2000! I had not started my blog just yet; kids, in 2000, online journals were all the rage, at least in the circles I traveled online. And no, my online journal no longer exists on the internets, thankfully.

Adventures with Bad Scanners

Star Shaped circa spring 2001
I apparently loved using bad pictures of myself as part of the layout back in the day, ‘back in the day’ being sometime during the spring of 2001. Notice my rockin’ Paint Shop Pro 5 skills and the even more rockin’ frames I used. My blog was powered by Blogger. Oh yes, I was awesome.

Yummy Starfruit

The starfruit layout!
If you’ve been reading my site for a long, long time, you knew this layout would be posted; the starfruit layout. I graduated from frames to tables, keeping with the ‘latest and greatest’ at the time (I believe I made this in summer of 2001?). I also changed my layout way, way more often in the early days than I do now.

Man, I Loved That Plant

At long last, in 2003, I moved away from the tables and started using divs and css to create my layouts. I also moved from Blogger to Movable Type to b2, which I used up through 2004 when I switched to WordPress. (I only recently switched to Drupal.) I liked this layout.

I Apparently Love Purple.

Circa 2004. I remember making this layout while sitting in the library on the IU campus. I folded the stars myself and took the pictures of them myself. I’ve rarely used stock photography in my layouts (the starfruit layout being one of the few exceptions).

Twilight for WordPress

Oh, Twilight. I later released this theme as a WordPress theme, but I haven’t updated it since 2005 when I first created it. I really liked this one; I created it while sitting in the loft of my first apartment in South Bend.

. . . . .
So, yes. What better way to celebrate my domain-a-versary by posting old layouts? Happy birthday, Star Shaped!