No more GBV

I came into work today, “Just Once More” by Dressy Bessy in my head, determined to have a great day. When I arrived, I poured myself some water, wrote down a few things I need to do once the day begins, and helped a man reinstall Windows XP on my machine.

A few minutes ago, I recieved a message from Scott on ICQ telling me that Guided By Voices will be no more after their last album comes out in August.

Needless to say, I won’t be in as good of a mood as I was this morning after having this news broken to me. I almost wish I had some GBV albums with me here so I can listen to them, but I can settle for waiting until I arrive home this afternoon.

Also, I’m hoping that they come back here during their last tour. I want to have a chance to see them all again before they stop touring for good.

At least they’ve put out a lot of kickass albums. That makes me happy.