Notre Dame game, and other firsts.

Yesterday turned out to be a day of firsts for me:


I attended a football game for the first time in my life. Yes, it took me nearly 27 years to get out to a stadium and watch men throw around a oddly shaped brown ball, but hey, I have my reasons! My public high school of 400 people, grades 7-12, did not have a football team, and I went to an all women’s college for the first two years of my college career and therefore did not have a football team to see play. Yes, IU has a football team (which isn’t doing too badly this year!), but I never really cared to see them while there, for some reason.

I saw a college level sports event live. Going back to what I said in the above paragraph, I never went to any games at IU while there. Yeah, I didn’t even see a single basketball game, even during the year IU went to the Final Four! I just didn’t care to go, and it’s funny I cared enough to see Notre Dame play now and I’m not even remotely affiliated with the college (not counting friends I have that either go there now or have already graduated).

Third, and saddest of them all, yesterday marked the first day I had ever seen a real, live marching band perform, besides in parades and such. Let me let you in on a little known fact: I played flute from roughly around the age of 9 until shortly before my 21st birthday, stopping only because I couldn’t find a band I wanted to play in while at IU. I played in various and assorted bands in high school and loved it, and was even contemplating majoring in music until I realized I probably wouldn’t put forth the effort needed to be a major. I haven’t played now for a few years and now that I’m surrounded by music where I work now, I’m thinking of picking it up again.

That being said, out of all the bands I belonged to in high school, with the exception of what we called ‘marching’ for my hometown’s Memorial Day parade, I’ve never seen a real marching band. I had to ask Scott who the people in the funny hats were and if announcers really always said the names of the songs the band played during halftime. It’s funny, living in a state where marching band’s almost its own sport, not knowing much about it. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I enjoyed sitting right behind the band during the game.

So, the game. Notre Dame lost against Boston College, of course, but we still enjoyed ourselves. We parked our car at a friend’s house and walked about two miles to the stadium in 60 degree weather, perfect autumn temperatures. It got a little chilly as the sun went down, but I’ve been colder, so I didn’t complain.

Oh! Another first; I hadn’t ever seen people tailgating before yesterday afternoon. I was surprised at the number of people and the amount of beer people carted around. I was surprised to see people walking around with beer in their hands, and felt embarassed I didn’t know anything about tailgating etiquitte.

Notre Dame game!I also forgot how intense people can be during games; some of the people sitting around me reminded of the crowds when I’d see hockey games with my dad when I was in high school, yelling at the refs and yelling at the people supporting the opposing team in the section. (Granted, one of the people supporting the other team was pretty obnoxious, but still!) Either way, I was amused.

I’m glad we finally got to go to a game, and I’m hoping to go to another one sometime too. Hopefully this time, they don’t lose. And maybe next time, I’ll hit another first and actually participate in the tailgating before the game!