Oh, Portland.

Ted and I spent a beautiful day in Portland, Maine on Tuesday. After grey, gloomy skies and rain all weekend, we were pleased to wake up to brilliant blue skies on Monday and Tuesday. We couldn’t have asked for better weather on our days off.

We spent the day visiting our favorite places; a vegetarian lunch at the Green Elephant, dinner at Asmara, and drinks at Novare Res. I drank lots and lots of sour beers (my favorite!) and we even detoured up to the Allagash Brewery to pick up a few bottles of Coolship Red, a limited release lambic that happened to be releaed the DAY we were there. Running down the streets of Portland to the car and then driving to the brewery before they closed at 6 proved to be quite an adventure! I’m pleased to have gotten a few bottles of this awesomeness.

We had a wonderful two days off, and now we get another with Labor Day on Monday. I’m very happy to get all this time off.