An open letter to my wonderful city

My dearest city of residence,

We’ve had a great winter so far; warm temperatures in December, bright, sunny days, and none of that white stuff on the ground I dislike so much. “Winter’s not so bad,” I said to myself all last week. “I can deal with the weather being a bit cooler, as I like the seasons change.”

However, starting this past weekend, we’ve had roughly 8-10 inches of snow dumped on us, which isn’t an abnormal amount by far. When I saw the snow falling on Sunday night, I looked out the window at marvelled at its beauty. I still didn’t mind it.

Until I decided to drive outside later on that evening.

You see, I’ve learned that for some reason, you don’t like to plow any of the streets in my little neighborhood. I spent most of my drive on Sunday night slipping and sliding down even the major roads in my area. I first thought “Well, it’s a Sunday, maybe the plows won’t be out until the morning,” and slowly made my way home.

Monday’s commute to work wasn’t much better, and neither was today’s. Do you know how difficult it is to drive on a street that has not been plowed? Especially after about 8 inches of snowfall? I am very dismayed at the lack of snow clearage off of our street and the surrounding streets. I would think, living so close to a Great Lake, feeling the lake effect nearly every winter, you would know how to clear off every street in your city.

I’ve been proven wrong the past few days, and I’m hoping you shape up as the week progresses if we are still supposed to get more snowfall.

For now, I will perfect the art of shifting down to lower gears to avoid spinning out at intersections.

Sincerely, one disgruntled resident,