Phone stupid

I love computers. I love reformatting my hard drive, adding new RAM and hard drives myself, and I’m fairly decent at troubleshooting issues with my PC. I’ve worked tech support jobs in the past and feel I’m well versed in computer speak.

That being said, I can’t seem to operate telephones properly. At all. I don’t know how to make conference calls, I always forget how to put myself on speakerphone, and I don’t think I’ve ever sent a text message in my life. I’ll leave my cell phone off all weekend on accident, and I’ll forget to charge it at night before work the next day. I can barely use call waiting; I don’t know how to get back to the original caller after speaking with the person who called in. Oddly enough, I did just fine when I worked as a receptionist last fall; I learned how to transfer calls, send callers to voice mail, and perfected the art of managing eight active lines all at once.

Too bad I never remembered how to check my voice mail.

Give me a computer over a telephone any day.

4 thoughts on “Phone stupid”

  1. I’m the same way. I think it may have to do with the fact that when I was that age when most kids start talking to their friends on the phone a lot, the concept of IM was just beginning to become popular… Not everyone I wanted to talk to had it, but most of my geeky circle of friends had it so I had no use for the telephone….

  2. Hedi

    haha I still have trouble figuring out those office phones even though they seem simple compared to cellular phones

  3. Part of the problem with office phones is that they aren’t all the same! I hung up on four people (at least) when I first started my summer job last May because I was confusing the title company’s phones with the phones at my last job at the law office.

    Eventually people will probably be making phone calls through computers somehow anyway. You’re just ahead of the curve. ;)

  4. My problem is that I HATE phones. I never, ever answer calls (ask anybody who knows me; my husband yells at me for it) and if somebody asks me to call them back, I will either email them or do nothing.

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