Playing catch-up.

Finally, finally, spring has arrived. Sort of. The temperatures have been averaging in the upper 40s / lower 50s, which I can stand much much more than the below freezing temperatures we endured all winter. I’m so glad winter’s mostly behind us. Until today, when I woke up to SNOW FALLING. Come on, weather, give me a break! I’m so done with freezing temperatures and white stuff falling from the sky. Sad.

. . . . .

New yarn!It’s blue, and soft, and very, very awesome.

Anyway. A few weeks ago I traveled to nearby Goshen to visit Ewe-nique Knits, a yarn shop Madalyn‘s raved about since I’ve known her. So, I hopped in my car, drove out to Goshen, and spent some time petting skeins of yarn. Yes, I love yarn. I ended up buying four skeins of Cascade Pima Tencel in a deep teal color; I’ll probably use it for baby sweaters of some sort, eventually. I fell in love with it, and it’s so silky and shiny too! And, of course, I stopped by Dunkin Donuts for a coolata on my drive back; Goshen is one of the few places with a Dunkin Donuts in northern Indiana! So I was reminded of driving to Cape Cod on my half hour trip back to South Bend.

. . . . .

The beginnings of the Aeolian shawlThis shawl’s going to turn out to be the love of my life.

The new Knitty came out a few weeks ago; I sorted through the new patterns while on my lunch break at work. And then, I came across the Aeolian Shawl. Now, I’m normally not the kind of person to impulsively cast on a project immediately after seeing it. I’ve always been more conservative when it comes to starting projects. Oh, not this time. I immediately queued it on Ravelry, and when I got home that evening, cast on for the swatch. I decided on using the Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Midnight that I bought for a shawl last year, with the same green beads I used for it.

. . . . .

I have not been posting here very much this spring; I’ve been so busy! I cannot believe it’s already April. I cannot believe that next month it will be May. I don’t know where the last year has gone, seriously. I am hoping to write more this spring and summer, and I hope I actually stick to it this time.

4 thoughts on “Playing catch-up.”

  1. how did I miss this post? eep!

    your shawl is going to be gorgeous… that pattern is beautiful, and I really like the combination of yarn and beads you’re using. :)

  2. Did your blog just come back online? Did you ever figure out what happened?

  3. Glad to see you blogging again! I think things have been crazy busy for a lot of us lately!

  4. Wow, that shawl is going to be so awesome.

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