Questions from Laura

I’m trying to get as much back into my normal routine as I can, if that’s at all possible, so I’m answering more questions people asked of me last month. Next up are questions from Laura!

1. Are you guys thinking of having kids in the future?

Well… obviously at this point, no. But when we were still together, having kids wasn’t ever an option for us. I am strange; I’ve never wanted children. I’ve never had baby fever or an overwhelming desire to get pregnant. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me because I don’t want kids. I just can’t imagine living my life with them at this point; I want to travel and do new and interesting things and further my career, things I don’t think I’d be able to do with children. I am more open to the fact that my mind may change down the road; maybe when I’m in my 30s I’ll want to settle down and have kids of my own. I’m not ruling it out completely just yet.

2. Have you ever worn contacts?

I tried wearing contacts once when I was 14, to no avail. I have major issues with things getting close or into my eyes; I dreaded going to the eye doctor more than the dentist as a kid because I hate eye drops! I may try them again sometime just to change up my look a bit. I think I look pretty strange without them and they contribute to my overall look so I don’t mind wearing them much.

3. Name one of your biggest pet peeves in web design work.

Oh, where do I begin? I spend too much of my workdays making fun of other people’s websites and the way they are coded. Granted, I probably shouldn’t talk because I make mistakes, but still. I at least know what not to do!

I loathe bad, non-standards compliant code. Font tags, tables used for layout, inline CSS; I especially hate having to edit a website already coded in such a manner I need to sift through tons and tons of nested tables just to edit a sentence. I also really hate the fact that Outlook 2007’s using Word as its rendering engine instead of IE; our marketing emails have to be coded with the aforementioned 1990s era crappy table code, which makes our lives a living hell. And don’t even get me started on versions of Lotus Notes earlier than 5 or 6. Ugh.

4. Describe (or show a picture of) your favorite pair of shoes, and what do you like about them?

My favorite shoes are big, clunky, and make me three inches taller than my normal height. I like them because they make me look taller, obviously! I also have a pair of flats I wear in the summer too, and I can’t forget about the bright green Doc Martens I bought in England 10 years ago.

3 thoughts on “Questions from Laura”

  1. Wow, you’re hardcore. I use inline CSS and tables for layouts all the time. ;) I just don’t have time to be picky at work – I do what’s fastest, I confess. Most of my clients have never had a website before, so they don’t really understand my taking longer to finish their site because of the backend standards…..
    But to be fair, I also hate nested tables. I worked for an SEO company and I had to try to “optimize” code written in WYS editors like Dreamweaver and *shudder* Frontpage. I like clean code. And the website I worked on today called an external stylesheet, external javascript file, AND external php files. Go me, eh? ;)
    *hugs* Thanks for answering.

  2. I concur with #1. A friend of mine keeps reminding me that I said I’d rather lose a leg than have a child. Now, I suppose the thought isn’t as revolting if it should accidentally happen (maybe a foot?)… but we still have no plans in the near future.

  3. I’m the same way, I don’t want to have children. I do want to adopt more dogs in the future, and I figure I’m just wired that way–I prefer dogs over people, haha!

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