Questions from Lisanne

I’ve been slacking majorly this week, blog updating-wise. I blame it on a busy week of work, and the fact that the copy of Rock Band that Scott won came in earlier this week. We love us some Rock Band!

Anyway. Lisanne asked me a few questions, and I’m finally going to answer them.

[1] What food(s) from the northeast do you miss the most (i.e., something that you can’t necessarily find there in Indiana)?

I miss Celeste frozen pizza. It’s what I ate on the weekends when I lived with my parents and what we’d buy for easy lunches at the Cape. It’s the only frozen pizza brand I can’t find out here. I also miss Friendly’s, both the restaurant and the ice cream, which was sold in grocery stores in my area. Instead of a birthday cake, I’d request a Jubilee Roll from Friendly’s, and in the summers, we’d eat a Watermelon Roll. I haven’t had one in years.

I still insist that seafood tastes better in New England than it does here. Especially lobster. Mmm. Nothing beats fresh lobster.

[2] What’s the longest length of time you’ve ever gone without being online?

Next month marks ten years since I started using the internet. Ten! During the past ten years, I’ve had little stretches here and there where I’ve not had internet access. Most summers when I’d spend a week at the Cape with my family, I’d not go on the internet at all; if you stayed at a cottage within walking distance to the beach, would you be surfing the net instead of sitting by the water? I think not!

I also will not go online when we visit Scott’s brother in southern Indiana. They live in an area where dialup is their only internet option, plus we only see them every few months or so and would rather spend time with them instead of waiting to check email, read blogs, and so on. I’m never really bugged when I go without internet for a few days, as long as I have other things to do!

[3] Is there anything special you’d like to do this summer?

Of course! We’re actually going on a trip to Mackinac Island over Memorial Day to celebrate our three year anniversary, and we’ll be heading out to Massachusetts in July to visit my family. My mom’s planning on coming out in June sometime, and we want to do a tour of the Michigan wineries in the area. We’re planning on residing our house this summer too, and nearer to fall, we want to relandscape. So lots of things on the horizon; I’m excited!

You still have time to ask me questions! Ask me anything (well, within reason, of course), and I’ll respond.

3 thoughts on “Questions from Lisanne”

  1. Oh, Mackinac Island has a lilac festival! That would be SO heavenly!!!

    We *do* have Celeste pizza in our grocery stores! Now I’m excited about trying one. I keep seeing them but had NO idea whether they were any good or not.

    Thanks for answering my questions! Sounds like you have a great summer ahead.

  2. We have Celeste pizza here, too, but I haven’t tried it. Will have to do that now.

    Seafood is definitely WAY BETTER in N.E. than in the Bend. Right out of the ocean is better than “fresh frozen” any day.

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