Both Lisanne and Laura have done this recently, so I’m going to jump in. Ask me some questions, anything you’d like to know about me. Ask as many as you want and leave your questions in the comments of this entry. I’ll answer your questions in future posts. I definitely need some new things to write about!

6 thoughts on “Questions!”

  1. Fun! OK, here are my questions:

    [1] What food(s) from the northeast do you miss the most (i.e., something that you can’t necessarily find there in Indiana)?

    [2] What’s the longest length of time you’ve ever gone without being online?

    [3] Is there anything special you’d like to do this summer?

  2. 1) How do you like the Bend? Do you see yourselves living there a long time or moving closer to family eventually?

    2) What are some of your favorite places in Bloomington?

  3. 1. Are you guys thinking of having kids in the future? (I had to ask, it’s standard mother protocol.)

    2. Have you ever worn contacts?

    3. Name one of your biggest pet peeves in web design work.

    4. Describe (or show a picture of) your favorite pair of shoes, and what do you like about them?

  4. 1. What is your all-time favorite artist/band? What about song? Or album?

    2. What is your all-time favorite store to shop at?

    3. What could you never live without?

    4. What is your guiltiest pleasure?

  5. carol

    1. How do you picture yourself, your life, in 10 years?

    2. What is your favorite place to eat out in your area?

    3. Where do you want to take a vacation?

  6. Chantel

    What is your first memory?

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